The Grinch……..


It is that time of year again, when all the Christmas Movies come out and among them, one of my personal favorites, is Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love anything Seuss, but this book/movie is one that has always stuck in my mind. Maybe it was the colorful illustrations in the book that I read as a child, or maybe it was the lilting, rhyming words that painted vivid pictures in my head, whatever it was, this story strikes a chord with everyone who is familiar with it…

A little who-girl seeks the meaning behind all the festivities everyone seems to get caught up in, while a Grinch seeks to end all the happiness and festivities. The Grinch comes up with a plan to steal their joy and happiness by taking all of the “things” that represent their happiness, but he does not succeed in stealing their joy or happiness because it was not about the “things” but about the people around them.

While this story is not in any way shape or form about the true reason for Christmas, it does however make us stop and consider what are we really making priorities in this holiday season? Are we making sure that Jesus, who is the true “Reason for the Season” is our first love and priority? Are we making our Husbands, children, family and friends that the Lord has given us a priority? I know that I have not….. I am SO guilty of this.

I get so caught up in the rush of the holidays, that I sometimes miss the Joy of this whole season.  That makes me so mad. It also makes me sad, because i know I let down my Heavenly Father, not to mention my husband and children. This holiday season, while I am trying my best to still celebrate the holiday traditions, I am also trying not to focus so much on them as I am the reason or rather, person, behind Christmas. But there is a Grinch that tries to steal my joy and happiness and time especially during this time of year, it is Satan. 

Satan has tried to steal my time and attention to so many other things that do not really matter, that when it comes down to what does matter, I know I have failed. And that is precisely what he wants us to feel like during this season, defeated failures. There is no reason why we should feel like that because the birth of Jesus Christ is the only reason we have to be Victorious!! 

It still happens though, we get busy and we get distracted. God still leaves us little hints though. I happen to be a very firm believer in little things being signs from a loving Heavenly Father. This last week as I was stressing about how messy my house was and how badly I needed a whole day to clean it, I walked by a pile of word flash cards that my daughter had failed to put away. And would you believe that the 4 most prominent cards on top were ones that read-  make, time, for, me ? Right then I was convicted about how little time I spent with the Lord that morning versus how much time I was wanting to spend to clean my house. Then I was reminded of a blog post I wrote not so long ago about keeping a clean house and also of a devotional for our Ladies Meeting that I gave about spending time with the Lord. 

Ever since that day I have been trying to de-Grinch-ify my life for this holiday season. I am trying to only plan one or two tings that would make some memories for our family, but beyond that I want to focus my heart and mind on the true reason my family and I have to be thankful and happy, the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Momma moment this week has been brought to you by those flash cards that are still scattered across the floor. LOL



The Plague


Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been fighting the plague over the last two weeks. Let me tell you, it had not been pretty around our house.

First off, I personally do not handle vomit, of any sort, well. My first reaction when I hear or see someone vomiting is to run the opposite direction.
I can’t do that when it is my little ones!
They need me more than ever when they get sick. Thing 1, who is normally so independent, becomes a literal cling on. Thing 2 on the other hand becomes a sleeping cuddle machine. Which is so nice for me, but when I am sick as well on top of it, things can get crazy.

Ever had moments that you have had to comfort your children so much that you become anti touch? I do, especially when I am sick. I just don’t want anyone to touch me, I just want to sleep all day. But as a Momma, my kiddos come first. That’s the Momma Moment for the week.
~ This Momma Moment is has been brought to you courtesy from this last week of the plague. ~

Housekeeping 101


Phyllis DillerCleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing.

Boy do I agree with this statement! It seems like you clean one room and move on to the next, and before you are done with that room they have destroyed the room you just cleaned!!

I have a touch of OCD/Procrastination when it comes to cleaning though and it tends to show. My thought goes like this “If I cannot do it right then why do it right now?”  The problem with that is when you have small children like I do, the right time may never come to do it “the right way.” So I try to do what I can with what little time I have every day. But those days that I choose to ignore some of the chores are the ones where I find myself enjoying my kids and laughing and playing with them more.

The above picture just grabbed my attention and struck a chord with me. Why would I be wasting the precious memory making time with my kids, by making sure I have a spotless house? Why stress about it? What will my kids remember from their early days? Will they remember a Mom that was present and nurturing or a Mom that was constantly stressing out about the house being obsessively clean?

Part of me screams out that the kids will do better and live better in a spotless and organized house. But another part of me says why waste a lot of time doing things that will always have to be done, when I could be spending that time with my kids?

As a child, my Grandmother was someone who actually was diagnosed with OCD. She would carry baby wipes with her everywhere and before we touched her we had to wash our hands, after we touched anything we had to wash our hands. She would wrap things in plastic wrap, then in foil, then put it in a zip-lock baggie to store things. She always carried a plastic set of utensils in a zip-lock baggie for when she would eat out. She would clean like crazy. And guess what? She always had her house clean and organized.       But she was alone.

Now I am not advocating that we all live in houses that belong on the TV show Hoarders, but I am saying that the things that really matter in life are not really things, they are the people who are part of our lives and the children God has given us to care for and to teach and to love. If we can use the times that we do clean as teaching moments for our kids, then all the better, but as a reminder to myself and to all Momma’s out there, they will not remember the times that the laundry was overflowing or the sink was full of dishes, but they will remember the times you got on the floor and played with them and enjoyed a laugh or two with them.

I will close with this poem that I am sure most of you have seen before, but it serves as a daily reminder to me that time is short with my kids.

“The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
for children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

~Song For a Fith Child, by Ruth Hamilton

Tomorrow is a New Beginning……….

Tomorrow I start an adventure. I will be starting to teach my almost two year old from a free preschool curriculum I found on Facebook. Thing 1 can already count to 20 on her own, say most of the alphabet and she recognizes most shapes and a few colors. I am extremely proud of her for these little accomplishments, but I do not want to lose the excitement she feels for learning right now. Thus begins the school adventure.

Tomorrow is also a renewed beginning for me for exercising. I started doing P90x the middle of August, but when Thing 2 decided that she was going to wake up every hour and cry for almost 2 weeks straight, I barely had the energy, much less the mental capacity to continue a rigorous exercise program like that. So I am embarking again on this journey of exercise that I really need. I need my energy and my health to be there for my husband and two little girls. I feel like there is so much more enjoyment and fulfillment in living when I have the energy to live life to its fullest. I also enjoy how I feel about myself when I know I am taking care of myself. My motivation is to be able to do things this time next year, that I could not otherwise do because of my weight. I want to be able to say on January 1, 2013 that my resolutions are to stay healthy and to live an extraordinary life and to enjoy my little family to its fullest. Starting tomorrow, I have 90 days to make a difference in my life and my health. No excuses. If i fail I will own the failure and get back in the saddle again. I must succeed, not only for myself, but for my girls. They deserve to have and to see a Momma, living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying life right along with them as they grow.Image

The Dirty truth about #2

Momma Moment for today: Thing 1, who is beyond ready to start potty training, woke up from her nap and decided to take her diaper off. Now she has done this before so it was no surprise, but today the thing I feared happening the most occurred  She had pooped in the diaper first. She then proceeded to smear it all observed her crib. Have I mentioned before that she likes to suck her thumb? Yeah. She went there. I thank the good Lord Almighty that I was not there to witness it personally. I think I may have thrown up if I had been there.

I confess that I have an incredibly weak stomach when it comes to bodily functions and vomit. I don’t even do well with hearing someone tossing their cookies. No joke. Well that’s the dirty truth of #2 for tonight.

Kids, Phones and Snooze Buttons


Momma Moment of the week– Thing 1 decided to grab her Aunties phone and play with the pattern lock like it was a game. Yeah…….long story short, the phone had to be reset back to factory settings and Auntie lost all of her contacts. 

Ever have one of those days that you feel like a broken record? Lately I seem to be having more and more of those. And it always involves the same words to Thing 1. “No do NOT touch that, No No, Obey, Come here, Give that to me etc…’ She is very strong willed and VERY persistent. Those things are great character traits only if I have the diligence as a mommy to train and develop those to her gain. But some days I really want to hit the snooze button. Literally and Figuratively.

Literally meaning that as a Momma of 2 under 2, I live in a constant sleep deprived state. Some days that is of my own choice but mostly its not. Whether its teething, a growth spurt or Thing 2 just wanting to nurse and be played with at 3am, it always seems to be something. Bedtime is my most favorite time of day because it relaxes them and it relaxes me and I know that in a short while they will be asleep (at least for a few hours in Thing 2’s case) and I will have some quiet time to myself. But I will be utterly frank, I hate mornings. I have not had to set an alarm for almost 2 years because the girls are my alarm clocks. I wish with all my might that kids came with snooze buttons. The pacifier has never worked like that in my favor. Mornings come and in my head the argument ensues like this:

    Is it really 6am already? Ughhhhhhhhh. No Thing 2 don’t wake up yet, maybe if I stay really still she will go right back to sleep for a couple more hours…..oh no she started fussing…..honey please stop moving around, maybe if I ignore her fussing she will go back to sleep, ughhhh she turned over……ok ok OK!!!! Stop screaming like you are starving to death!  I am getting up. Lord please give Grace and Mercy, Grace for me to get through the day and Mercy for my kiddos with an imperfect Momma.”

Figuratively, I would love to hit the snooze button on life, responsibilities and being Momma. But I am so glad that there is no Figurative snooze button. Because if there was I might just end up snoozing my way through life. My kids and my Hubby deserve a Momma that is fully engaged and present. And that takes a lot of Grace and Mercy from the Lord. I am reminded daily of this verse.  Lamentations 3:22-23 “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.  Truthfully, I am not very compassionate. But I know that if my kiddos are going to learn anything from me it might as well be God’s Compassion,