The Plague


Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been fighting the plague over the last two weeks. Let me tell you, it had not been pretty around our house.

First off, I personally do not handle vomit, of any sort, well. My first reaction when I hear or see someone vomiting is to run the opposite direction.
I can’t do that when it is my little ones!
They need me more than ever when they get sick. Thing 1, who is normally so independent, becomes a literal cling on. Thing 2 on the other hand becomes a sleeping cuddle machine. Which is so nice for me, but when I am sick as well on top of it, things can get crazy.

Ever had moments that you have had to comfort your children so much that you become anti touch? I do, especially when I am sick. I just don’t want anyone to touch me, I just want to sleep all day. But as a Momma, my kiddos come first. That’s the Momma Moment for the week.
~ This Momma Moment is has been brought to you courtesy from this last week of the plague. ~