Where have the Naps gone?

Thing 1 has been consistently not taking a nap for about 2 weeks now. She will lay down on her bed, but will play with her doll, Minnie Mouse, or watch an episode or 6 of Little Einsteins. Now Thing 2 seems to be picking up on the vibe. Ugh.
Nap time was my sanity saver.
Nap time was “me” time.
Nap time sometimes was the only workout time I had.
Where have the naps gone??

I understand that realistically speaking, the naps will go away very soon. I just dont think I am ready for that bridge to be crossed yet. Today was a perfect example of why naps are still necessary, and dare I say, mandatory.

They woke up at a nice 7:30 am. Nice because 99% of the time, my Things are awake by sunrise, if not earlier. So I enjoyed my extra winks. 🙂
They ate breakfast in relative peace and quiet, but then they wanted to play. They can never play next to each other because they always end up fighting over a toy. But today they played doctor quietly together. *bliss*
Then I discovered ants on my kitchen counter.

I dont know about your kids, but when mine are told specifically not to go somewhere, they purposely try everything in their power to go where I told them not to go. So on top of clearing countertops and cleaning and spraying, I am keeping the kids from entering the kitchen with my feet while my hands are occupied.
It was Mommy Twister, not even kidding.
It felt like i could be part of the movie The Matrix with some of the moves i was doing.
The day progressed and I was looking forward to some time to myself, but Thing 1 and 2 had other plans. They chose to play in the backyard, pull all the shoes out of the shoe box and fight with one another constantly. I was praying for Nap Time, but it never came. After dinner, I let them play again in the backyard hoping to rid them of some pent up energy. Bathed them, and as of 1.5 hours ago, they are out cold. Hopefully I get to sleep in tomorrow……
Goodnight and sweet dreams!


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