Winter Blues

If you are anything like me or my children, Winter is my favorite season and the kids hate it.

I love the cold weather, the sweaters, the boots, the Pumpkin Spice Frappucino, the Salted Caramel Mocha, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s day and all the other days in between.

My kids hate that they have to wear layers, shoes (or even socks for that matter), be cooped up inside when all they want to do is go play outside, and miss going on stroller rides in the evening.

I have been trying my hardest to keep the Winter Blues at bay. Some days it works, some days I feel like a caged animal. I am sure my kids feel the same way since their moods swing from day-to-day as well. The last 16 days have felt like an eternity to me because our whole house has had the flu. I hate flu season. Especially when we all got flu shots.

On a side note,  This is my PERSONAL OPINION– I do not think I ever want my kids to get flu shots again. Every year they have gotten them and every year like clockwork, they get the flu. The same is true for me. I have had the flu shot the last 2 years (because of pregnancy) and both years I have gotten the flu. Before then I rarely got sick. I think I had gone without a flu shot for almost 6 years at that point, and the one time I did opt for the flu shot because they were doing it for free at my job, sure enough, I got the flu. My theory is that your body is so busy fighting the virus you injected yourself with (supposedly to build an immunity to the virus that already went around last year), that if you are exposed to the active flu strain this year, your body just can’t fight off both viruses. I will step down from my soapbox now.

I love all the options available to modern Momma’s these days. Things like Disney Junior, Sprout, Agnitus learning apps, and Computer based learning games are all so handy for when the kids are sick and do not want to do anything but be held or comforted. But even the most modern Momma knows that too much of a good thing can be harmful instead of helpful.           I got my own dose of this, this past week with Thing 1. Because she enjoys shows on Disney Junior, we DVR a few of them for her to watch when she is waking up in the morning and right after bath time.  Other than that I try to make sure the TV stays off during the rest of the day unless she specifically asks to watch Sprout and has been a good girl. Well because she was sick all she wanted to do was sit, watch TV and curl up with her silky, in her purple chair in our bedroom.

Mia and Purple Chair

Because we all were sick too, I said “OK no problem.” Well she was sick for almost a week and a half, along with the rest of us. We did not go anywhere period. Once we all started feeling better we started to venture downstairs more and start to get back into our normal routines. Thing 1 however, wanted nothing more than to sit and watch TV all day still. At first I did not notice the trend, still thinking she was still not back to feeling 100%. The other night, however, was a different tale.

My husband and I had just finished getting the girls bathed and dressed for bed. I fed Thing 2 and was rocking her to sleep and Thing 1 was sitting down to watch her nightly show of Chuggington. Thing 1 had a different idea though, she wanted to watch The Super Sprout show (which we do not DVR). We told her that it was not on and that Chuggington was on.


A meltdown ensued and the realization dawned on me that she had pretty much been sitting, watching television  ALL. DAY. LONG.  I would have smacked myself in the head had I not been holding Thing 2.  So over the next week I took steps to make sure that she was getting less TV time and more play time. That helped in the short run. No more meltdowns at night about TV, but she started skipping her daily nap and not wanting to go to sleep until 10 or 11 at night. That frustrated me beyond words. She is my scheduled child. I plan everything around that schedule. So for 2 days, I analyzed everything she was eating and watching and playing with. All for trying to figure out what was keeping her up all day and all night. Come to find out, she needed to get out in the sunshine and run around more.

That is hard to do when the daytime high is 34 degrees. Anyone else out there feel my pain?

So I took to chasing her while we were downstairs, playing hide and seek in my room, and having her push Thing 2 around in her walker. The last 2 nights, she has gone back to her normal routine and has been sleeping normally.  Today was actually warm enough to let her play outside for 30 minutes while I watched her.

Cheers to *hopefully* the end of the Winter Blues.