Money and Kids


Momma Moment of the week: Never leave the toilet lid open or your wallet where they can reach it.


Speaking of wallets, Money is a huge stress point in most marriages and families. There have been numerous studies published linking finances to divorce, health issues and sleep loss.                          Have I been there? Well in reference to sleep loss and health issues, yes. But I am committed to not letting the stress I have towards finances pass to my kids. I read an awesome quote this week from another blog that I follow that I hope you will enjoy and think over too.

“my kids only notice what we don’t have if I point it out. Do they want lots of things? Yes. They do. And as their mom, I naturally want to give them these things. When I have more, I give more (monetarily speaking)……….Having less money to go around forces you to say no sometimes and it forces children to learn that stuff is not always necessary.” ~

Did you notice the last part? Not having money, is not something that needs to be a source of stress for your children. It can be a training ground that helps them develop a healthy attitude toward money.

Growing up I remember very clearly that we never had a lot of money. We made do with what we had though. One of my favorite memories about money and growing up was the time that our whole family helped make parakeet ladders for a local pet supply company that my father was working for at the time. We each had a job that helped produce one parakeet ladder. Even my 6 year old brother at the time had a job. At the end of the week when my father got his paycheck, each of us kids got a little bit of money for helping. That gave my parents an opportunity to explain about work ethic, and doing a job the best way possible, and how to spend and save our money. 

Another memory that I have is one of the best Christmases ever for our family. It was one of the best, not because we had lots of presents, it was the best because we did not have any. My father worked in construction at the time and not had work for a couple months. So my parents took us to Toys ‘R’ Us and said to pick out only 1 toy. We did. And on Christmas Morning we woke up and there was nothing under the tree. In our stockings however, was 1 envelope. We each grabbed our envelope and sat down by the tree. We opened the envelope and inside was a Christmas card that said we love you very much and even though there are no toys under the tree you will receive your gift very soon. And there was a piece of paper covering what we were going to get. I remember the excitement and anticipation of that gift. And today it still stands out as one of my favorite Christmases. 

All of this to say, our children learn how to treat and use money by watching us. The Bible states in Matthew 6:21

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Treasure is not only money, but time and ability as well. If our treasure is laid in the proper places our children will learn the proper way to handle their time, money and abilities as well.